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My Wifi Places
The most convenient solution to turn your phone's WiFi on and off for you.

The Company

Our mission is to provide convenient and secure solutions to our customers. Our belief is that technological solutions can be effective only if they are easy to use and available through intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

We want your time to be well spent, instead of being consumed by technological hassles. Nobody should spend their time by continuously paying attention to distracting applications. Technology should be relegated to an invisible sphere, made visible only when you need it to be. Applications should not own our life, but make it easier.

Our applications are designed with this goal: You can come in and go out as fast as possible, spending only as much time with the application as is absolutely necessary, so you can focus on the things that are more important to you than the technology that should provide them to you.

We at Pannon Systems, LLC are committed to following "value sensitive design" and "ethical design" methodologies and principles, while continuously improving our products.

The Product

My WiFi Places is the most practical and non-intrusive application that you can use at your convenience if you forget to turn off WiFi in your phone when you leave home or other places. It may conveniently toggle the WiFi on or off in your phone or tablet, based on your location (refresh rate applies). There are no annoying advertisements, no in-app purchases draining your wallet and your battery, no location tracking. My WiFi Places communicates only with Google Maps and Google Places to display your saved places to you or to fine tune them. We do not collect your location data or places you visited. We respect your privacy.

Cruise Mode at your convenience:
Cruise Mode is for devices using a wireless hot-spot provided either by another phone or a router. To turn on WiFi in your phone while disabling location checking, you may enable Cruise Mode. This is especially useful on trains, airplanes, cruise ships, vehicles or practically anywhere else where you access the Internet through a WiFi hot-spot while continuously moving. It can also come in handy when you share your phone’s WiFi in your car. Children can watch videos, listen to music, or browse the Internet from their tablets while traveling. When you disconnect from the hot-spot, it may turn off your phone’s WiFi.

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